working horseNever been on a horse before…? Come to Argentina and learn it from the best! We receive a lot of beginners, so know how to get you the most out of a weeks polo clinic.

One sure way to become better at polo is: practise, practise, practise… You really have to do it a lot in order to learn and improve your game. But, you have to do a bit of everything, take lessons, study theory, do some stick & ball, get on the wooden horse and of course play chukkers.

And it has to be balanced too. Stick & ball is good to practice your swing, learn to control the horses and give you confidence, but it is totally different from playing the real thing. That is why we also play different types of chukkers, instructional chukkers to build up your confidence and fast chukkers to calibrate it back …

We know just how to maximize your learning curve, even if you are only coming for one week. A typical program at our school looks like this: in the morning one of our professional instructors will give you a lesson, or you can do stick & ball. In the afternoon we organize polo games of 4 chukkers. The games are always joined by argentinian polo professionals with handicaps ranging between 1 to 7 goals.