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Polo Holidays

Ready to plan your polo get away? With the best destination to the heart of polo in Argentina you will surely have the holiday you will never forget. Group holiday packages come at a better price. If you are looking to improve your game and play as much as you can, this holiday is for you. A polo holiday combining the traditions of the Argentina Polo Experience with a western view.


Polo Working Holiday

For students, people on a tighter budget or those who like to work with horses we have the Polo Working Holiday. The idea is that you can play polo for a part of the normal price, because in return you do part of the work that we normally do for you. We also offer gap year experiences where you can experience what it means to be a polo groom.

Polo Club Consulting

Very often we have heard about smaller polo clubs that would like to increase the amount of players. Clubs have so much more potential to explore. Most probably as a member of the club, one cannot find the time. That is where we come in to set up a strategy to grow your club in numbers, set up a marketing and media plan and coordinate lessons. In only a couple months your club can be internationally recognised.

Argentina Polo

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