Polo Clinic & Working Holiday

We offer the following programs:

  • Polo clinic, per week or per month
  • Polo working holiday, very cheap polo for students, per week or per month
  • Polo lessons
  • Stick & Ball
  • Polo day
  • Spanish lessons

Polo Clinic

learn it from the bestThis years high season (mid october until mid december), we offer the polo clinics including tickets to the high goal tournaments.

Play what you like during the week, then see how the pro’s do it at Tortugas, Hurlingham or Palermo. And.. enjoy the party afterwards!

While you stay at our club, you can play chukkers everyday. Stick & ball to fine tune your skills, or get a lesson from one of our excellent teachers. You will get polo all day, every day… 

Included in the weekly clinics are:

  • Transport to and from the airport, or Buenos Aires
  • Accommodation at the club
  • All food & drinks
  • Polo in the mornings and afternoons. At least 4 chukkers, or S&B, or a lesson
  • Transport and tickets to Triple Corono tournaments (including finals of Palermo)
  • Theory lessons
  • Practice your swing on the wooden horse
  • Laundry service
  • Good WIFI internet available
  • Visits to horse auctions at neighbouring polo clubs

In case of rain there is no refund, please check our conditions. Contact us for this seasons prices and availability.

Polo working holiday

For students, people on a tight budget or those who like to work with horses we have the Polo Working Holiday. The idea is that you can play polo for a fraction of the normal price, because in return you do part of the work that we normally do for you.

The working holiday can be done the whole year round, but we usually close in winter (june, july and august). Mail us to find out what the possibilities are this year.

The program is polo 6 days a week, in the morning or the afternoon. The other part of the day you have to help groom and feed the horses, and help out with other typical polo club tasks. For example help paint the barns, or fix the corals. But, this can also mean to help saddle horses for other guests or members of the club. Accommodation and food & drinks are included and shared with other working holiday guests. Cooking is done by the working holiday guests.

So, every day you will have half a day of polo. This can be stick & ball, baby chukkers or group lessons.

Contact us for this seasons prices and availability.

Polo lesson

If you don´t have time to spend a week at our polo school, you can go for the polo lesson. A typical polo lesson takes about one hour. First we go through the basics and then it´s more focused on improving your game. The instructor looks at your level and gives you hands on advise. The lessons are for beginners as well as for more advanced players.

Stick & ball

If you already know how to play and don´t want a lesson or join a few chukkers, there is always stick & ball. You can rent as much horses as you like. The average is 2 horses, but if you want more, or less that is possible.

Spanish lessons

Combine your polo holiday with spanish lessons..! What better way to spend your time in Argentina? Our professional teachers can give you spanish lessons 5 times a week. Each session takes 2 hours. Price is only usd 50 per session, but you would have to commit to 5 days a week.

Contact us for this seasons prices and availability. We can also arrange transportation.