Polo Working Holiday

Polo working holiday

herreroFor students, people on a tight budget or those who like to work with horses we have the Polo Working Holiday. The idea is that you can play polo for a fraction of the normal price, because in return you do part of the work that we normally do for you.

The working holiday can be done the whole year round, depending upon availability. We have locations not only in Argentina but also Spain and Holland.

The program is polo 6 days a week, in the morning or the afternoon. The other part of the day you have to help groom and feed the horses, and help out with other typical polo club tasks. For example help paint the barns, or fix the corals. But, this can also mean to help saddle horses for other guests or members of the club. Accommodation and food & drinks are included and shared with other working holiday guests. Cooking is done by the working holiday guests.

So, every day you will have half a day of polo and half a day of work. This can be stick & ball, chukkers or group lessons.

Contact us for this seasons prices and availability.